Our history

The Scent of the Earth, Essence of the Company

San Bartolomeo di Caselle is a Company of great prestige located in Montepulciano, Tuscany, founded with passion and dedication by the entrepreneur Cinzia Sorlini and her husband Adelmo Barlesi. From birth, the Company represented an excellence in different realities, offering unique and unforgettable experiences.

The green heart of the company is represented by the suggestive Parco Villa Trecci, a natural oasis of extraordinary beauty and lush agriculture realized by the well known designer, constructor and entrepreneur Adelmo Barlesi. Here, the bountiful land offers delicious products that are used in the kitchen and in the pastry shop of the Company.

The cultural heritage of the Company is kept in the magnificent Montegalda Castle; an imposing historical building situated a short distance from Venice. The company offers unparalleled hospitality in various luxury buildings, among them the sumptuous Palazzo Nobile of San Donato, the elegant Villa Benefizio, the suggestive Church of San Bartolomeo and the refined Palazzo Mosela. Each building is an architectural jewel, enriched by exclusive services that make the visitor’s stay unforgettable.

For those who are passionate about good food, San Bartolomeo di Caselle offers a wide range of refined restaurants. Among them, stands out the Porta di Bacco, where one can taste Tuscan delicacies accompanied by the best wines of the world; La Bottega del Nobile, a place where the food and wine blend in a perfect union; the Antica Trattoria il Marzocco, a cosy tavern that celebrates the local culinary traditions, and the Tuscany Uncorked Society, an exclusive wine club dedicated to the exploration of the distinguishing traits of wine.

Finally, for those who wish to satisfy their sweet tooth, San Bartolomeo di Caselle boasts two pastry jewels: Palazzo Avignonesi Caffetteria, where the artisan flavours come to life in delicious sweets and pastries, and the Pasticceria Regina, a paradise for those with an insatiable craving for sweets and creative pastries.

The Company of Montepulciano, San Bartolomeo di Caselle, is the result of the extraordinary entrepreneurial vision of Cinzia Sorlini, who has been able to transform a passion for art, agriculture, hospitality, catering and pastry into a unique and appreciated reality, becoming an undisputed protagonist of the Tuscan territory and a point of reference for travellers in search of authentic eno-gastronomic and cultural experiences.

Driven by the Passion, Rooted in the Traditions.

Andrea Sorlini Bifolchi, born in 1990, and raised in Montepulciano. He has transformed his connection with the place into a unique gastronomic experience. Passion about food and local products, he has become an authentic ambassador for the local cuisine.

Having grown up in the splendid Montepulciano, famous for its esteemed wines and breath taking landscapes, Andrea has based his entrepreneurial success on his love for the territory and the quality of food, by reaching new goals.

Not stopping just at the passion for food and wine, but he also achieved a degree in pharmacy, demonstrating a multidisciplinary approach to life and a career, and a scientific rigour that has helped him grow professionally.

Now, Andrea is the CEO of the San Bartolomeo di Caselle Company, where he has combined the traditions and values of the founders, Cinzia Sorlini and her husband Adelmo Barlesi, by achieving notable successes.

Andrea’s entrepreneurial passion also comes from his mother’s influence, Cinzia Sorlini, a very important entrepreneur in the Montepulciano community. As a young man, he followed his mother’s footsteps, contributing to the progress and the growth of the city. But there is more: Andrea is also a loving family man.

His family is the centre of his life and guides his daily choices. His dedication to his family, to the community and to the fundamental values make him a complete person, inspiring and being inspired by everyone he meets along the way.


Luciano Sorlini purchases the Castello di Montegalda


Cinzia Sorlini and Adelmo Barlesi fall in love with Tuscany and purchase Villa Trecci


Purchased the San Bartolomeo Church


Work stared on the Parco Villa Trecci


Work completed on the Parco Villa Trecci


Finished the reconstruction of the San Bartolomeo Church


Andrea Sorlini Bifolchi starts work for the family Company


Purchased the Porta di Bacco


Purchased the Palazzo Avignonesi


Purchased La Bottega di Nobile


Opening of La Regina Pastry Shop


Restoration of the Porta di Bacco and the Villa Benefizio


Purchase and restoration of Palazzo Nobile di San Donato


Restoration and opening of the Palazzo Avignonesi Caffetteria